About Us

Based on our market research, one thing is very clear—it is impossible to keep up with the pace of digital transformation without quality partnerships, actionable data, and evolving infrastructure.

This is why we continuously invest in improved offerings.


of organizations know that digital transformation is necessary to revenue growth, but IT strategies aren’t aligned.

MuleSoft 2021 survey


of teams were able to complete all the projects asked of them last year and some 68% are still stuck in the day-to-day activities!

MuleSoft 2021 survey

Helping Our Customers, and Ourselves, Drive Productivity

The brand IntelliTrack was first acquired by Barcoding in 2004. Now, with new investment and focus, we are relaunching (2022) to help our customers, and ourselves, drive productivity and actionable business decisions.

As part of this new investment, we’ve incorporated valuable input from customers and integrated leading-edge technologies (including Barcoding’s legacy BOS platform) to make this “new” tool highly powerful in the increasingly critical fight to drive supply chain efficiency.

By optimizing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, IntelliTrack helps companies of all sizes and across multiple industries achieve that coveted state of true operational excellence.