How to Transform with IntelliTrack

Wasted Time is Not an Option

Because IntelliTrack allows you to track all your asset and inventory data in one place, it powerfully transforms a number of different roles—from IT to Operations to Procurement to Facilities and more.

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Select Your Job Title to See Your Primary Benefit of IntelliTrack

Visibility into assets and inventory helping GMs plan overall budget across all locations.

Visibility into assets and inventory and budget across regions of locations.

Visibility into assets and inventory and budget at a specific site.

Visibility into mobile assets and inventory needed ensuring IT supervisors meet all production SLAs.

Visibility to drive the IT service organization forward including insights on IT assets across the organization, health and security of the devices, and contracts. Very helpful for refresh budgeting.

Visibility into all assets and inventory across the organization—ability to see overall costs in one place.

Visibility into all assets and inventory at a specific site to plan for refresh, replenishment, and future year budget based on trending.

Visibility into all assets and inventory at a rolled-up level to plan for refresh, replenishment, and future year budget based on trending.

Visibility into all assets and inventory for all locations to plan future year budget based on trending.


Use Case: Asset Management

I AM...

an Operations Manager in an enterprise organization.


the ability to manage mobile devices and hardware at my location, along with managing my inventory of supplies to ensure accurate reporting back to the global team for replenishment.


Barcoding would recommend the IntelliTrack platform with the IT Asset and Consumable Inventory bundles to track and manage all assets and inventory in one place.


Rotational Assets would be an excellent add to this platform configuration so that this Ops Manager could take advantage of check in/ check out functionality.


Use Case: Equipment Check In & Check Out

I AM...

a Retail Operations Manager responsible for the retailer’s top stores.


to know how many IT assets I have at my stores; how many of these devices are out for repair; and for those in use, who has them.


Barcoding would recommend pairing the IT Assets and Rotational Assets bundles to handle IT hardware management, repairs and statuses, hardware service contracts, and user check outs. This Retail Ops Manager would be able to look at individual store levels as well as across the sites she manages.


Consumable inventory and Fixed Assets would be great additions to this platform’s configuration so that the Retail Ops Manager could also track consumable items like mobile device batteries and other computer assets like monitors, computers, etc., all in one place.


Use Case: Consumable Inventory Tracking

I AM...

an Operations Manager at an organization that has multiple locations shipping millions of parts a month. We have mostly manual processes now, and are struggling with data accuracy. We’d also like to consider upgrading our scanners, since they’re no longer on the latest operating system or connectivity.


inventory management help along with anything around new mobile computing options and management.


Barcoding would recommend a consultation to fully scope a solution that accounts for process, people, and technology. From our platform, we’d recommend Consumable Inventory and IT Asset bundles to better manage inventory and to set this Operations Manager up for success with new mobile hardware.


Fixed Asset would be a great addition to this platform’s configuration since this team may want to start tracking forklifts, computers, etc., in the same place.


Use Case: Asset Lifecycle Management

I AM...

an IT Service Manager at a multi-location 3PL.


to get ready for budget season. My sites are asking me for device counts by type, OS version, including which devices might be going end-of-life. I need to also review service contract expirations to help plan for my budget requests. My sites also need this same kind of data regarding fixed assets, but today they get that from another process.


Barcoding recommends our IT Assets bundle to manage the full lifecycle of IT assets like mobile devices. The platform can easily give this IT Service Manager all the data he needs on each mobile device including OSs and service contract expirations.


Fixed Assets would be good to add-on so that this same IT Service Manager can manage fixed assets in the same way and in the same place that he is handling the IT assets. Managing all asset data in one location will streamline the budget season.