How to Reduce Nurses’ Admin Burdens to Help Alleviate Burnout & Churn


Let's Transform Asset Tracking!

Hospitals and healthcare systems are struggling to retain nursing staff, and recent studies demonstrate a link between nurse burnout and increased administrative burdens.

But a solution that can reduce time spent on documentation is already in nurses’ hands.

Patient belongings tracking is one nonclinical administrative task that healthcare systems can markedly reduce using a mobile app-based solution like IntelliTrack® Patient Belongings Tracking bundle. By automating aspects of the collection process and storage workflows, IntelliTrack PBT helps:

  • Implement standardized data collection
  • Establish and maintain clear chain of custody
  • Reduce data entry (where human error is most likely)
  • Achieve more comprehensive patient belongings documentation
Learn how IntelliTrack PBT can help healthcare organizations—and the nurses they depend on—stay focused on patient care. Download the whitepaper.
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