Patient Belongings Tracking Just Got

Faster, Easier, and More Certain


Secure patient items in a snap, generate photographic records, and eliminate paperwork

IntelliTrack® Patient Belongings Tracking was made for healthcare organizations of all sizes, from large hospital systems, clinics, and acute care facilities to long-term and rehabilitative care centers, where patient property can be challenging to track and easy to misplace.


Reduce administrative burdens so healthcare workers can focus on patients


Minimize unnecessary exposure for greater peace of mind


Protect chain of custody and reduce organizational risk

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Product Overview

Patient Belongings Tracking

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IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking mobile device application uses barcode scanning and photographic capabilities to streamline intake and return, improve staff efficiency and accuracy, reduce human error, and achieve full visibility into patients’ personal effects in your facility’s custody.

Users can instantly see where all patient items are stored, preventing:

  • Multiple trips and wasted time spent locating property in multiple locations
  • Items forgotten or misplaced in storage
  • Additional time spent determining whether all stored items have been retrieved and returned to the patient

How it Works

Log in to the IntelliTrack app

Scan patient wristband when collecting belongings

Select belonging types in the checklist provided to differentiate between valuables and other patient property

Simply snap one or more photos to capture details of property and storage container/bag 

Capture patient signature at collection

Track patient belongings even when moved to another storage location

Scan patient wristband to instantly see where all property is stored, for quick and easy retrieval

Capture patient receipt signature when returning belongings

Features & Benefits

Compatible with iOS or Android devices. We highly recommend the Honeywell CT-30HC as our device of choice.

Establishes and preserves chain of custody and history of property’s movement within your facility

Integrates with existing workflows, devices, and storage locations

Use existing containers and bags, or use IntelliTrack’spurpose-designed barcoded and sealable options

Implementation requires NO on-site installation

Collect or return patient property at any time during a patient’s stay

Lost & Found function helps limit losses and their consequences for patients and organizations


  • Installation
  • Training
  • Ongoing support
  • Value-added updates

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Our team will email you as soon as possible after receiving your request. We can’t wait to get to know you and learn about your current process for patient belongings, to see how best to help your team.


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Why Automate

Patient Property Collection, Tracking & Retrieval?

For Healthcare Employees & Organizations

Faster, More Accurate Data Entry

Healthcare workers scan a patient’s wristband, snap photos of belongings, and add tags to record conditions

Let Nurses Focus on Patient Care

Without the distraction and stress of documenting property and valuables, nurses are free to focus on patients’ needs

Efficiency Improvements

From initial entry to retrieval and patient sign-off, nurses and workers save steps, trips, and time at every interaction, up to and including patient discharge, so the next patient can be cared for sooner

Safer Interactions

Use with disinfectant-ready devices so workers can limit direct contact with patients and property

Record & Protect Chain of Custody

Comprehensive, audit-ready, automated chain of custody tracks all property movements and every interaction

Risk Management

Reduce lost property claims and mitigate litigation risk

For Patients

Enhanced Trust for Healthcare Staff

Handling patient property with care and effectiveness demonstrates accountability for outcomes, to build confidence

Quicker, Smoother, Reassuring Check-ins

Patients move quickly through intake processes without hassle or paper-shuffling

Photo Records of Property & Bags

Patients can focus on their own care and wellbeing with confidence that their belongings will be returned in their original condition

Hassle-free Checkout

When patients are ready for discharge they receive the right bags with all their belongings at checkout—to be on their way home faster

IntelliTrack is here to help you reduce stress and increase satisfaction for nursing staff and patients alike. Now healthcare workers can focus on patients—not paperwork.


Patient Belongings Tracking FAQs